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“The freedom to connect to the world anywhere
at anytime brings with it the threat of
unscrupulous predators and criminals
who mask their activities with the anonymity
the Internet provides to its users.“

~Mike Fitzpatrick

So, you are the creative type. You enjoy taking pictures, writing stories, making music, filming… any or all of the above. Personally, I’m all of the above, but I think that what I want to discuss applies to all of those creative endeavors.

In my experience, when I would make something new, I would immediately toss it out to get other people’s opinions on whatever it was that I had created. Perhaps I thought that it was quality enough to garner praise, or at least some minor constructive criticism, but I soon realized my folly in doing this.

.:Brick Walls

If you’ve ever paid notice to the comments section of any video on YouTube, or frequent the message boards of imdb.com, you’ll notice that the anonymity that the internet affords its patrons brings out the worst in many. I think this can be incredibly difficult for a fledgling auteur to stomach when trying to learn the ropes of their craft.

My suggestion is this: If you want to improve off of the advice of others… find a community of people you know well enough that you would feel comfortable talking to them face to face. People you know and trust would not lead you down the wrong paths intentionally.

I can think of few things more discouraging than spending hours upon hours only to have some anonymous person rip something I’ve done to shreds with little to no regard to its creator. Depending on how thick your skin is, your reaction will vary, but there’s something to be said about pearls before swine… Not to call them swine or my work as pretty and refined as a pearl… but more that you don’t throw something precious to you to people who don’t care.

.:Your Voice

One thing that I’m learning now is that while I should ask people on occasion, I shouldn’t bounce every idea of friends and coworkers regarding a creative endeavor. If it is a team effort, then sure, but don’t get yourself in a place where you begin to second guess every decision you make. Develop your brand, your confidence, your style. Do what you love, and don’t forget why you set out to do what you set out to do.



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