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March 6, 2008 at 6:54 pm (editing, production, screenwriting) (, , )

Greyscale 4.0… still underway.

Yes, more changes, but they only come when the story would be bettered (in my opinion) for it. I had gotten 88 pages in to my first draft, and realized that the antagonist (well, the most visible one) was horribly underdeveloped. So, I restructured the plot, changed up a few roles, added a couple characters, and the script is starting to get closer to being where I’m hoping for it to be for a finished first draft.

Other than Greyscale, there are other incredibly exciting potential things happening on the horizon, but both are far too early in the planning stages to divulge any information of note.

Battlefield is set to continue on March 16th if weather permits and schedules line up. Filming the last 20% of the series has been pushed back 3 times now, so I’m hoping to don the helmet again and wrap this up… Ironically, the ending has been shot, but there are a few scenes missing from the last 4 chapters, so I can’t go on and edit what I have. Also, I’m needing a soundtrack…

Lastly, ChristianFilmmakers.org put on a 24-Hour Contest that Daros Films entered (as well as FutureLight Studios… which is to say, my friend Austin was also on the team). We put together something very fun, but ultimately we were edged out by time. Out of 71 entries, we placed 4th. And by 4th, I mean we got the 2nd highest score (top 2 had a 23.5/30, and 3rd and 4th at 23/30). Later I was told that if we had re-recorded all our music (we did that to some of the music, but ran out of time to do it for all), our score would have been bumped up, but that’s just the nature of the 24-Hour contest.

So, thanks to Austin, Marisa, Jason, and Brandon for putting together the short film Soundtrack.  We had a great time making it, and will be posting an updated version with bloopers when time allows.

It was the first time I had been a part of a musical short, and it had been years since I had done a comedy… so this was a refreshing change. Check it out and keep looking for updates!


P.S.  Check out MovieZeal… they do a much better job of keeping up with movie trailers and reviews.  I still post some reviews every now and again, but I am lacking the time to write about trailers.


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.:Thoughts on Editing – Chapter One

January 25, 2008 at 12:12 am (editing)

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert on editing, nor have I had any formal training… these are just my experiences as a self-taught editor.

Where to start? Well, I don’t recommend Windows Movie Maker. Personally I have no experience with linear editors, but as for the beginning part of this series, it doesn’t much matter if you are using a linear or non-linear editing (NLE) system.

Well, to start, I think of where I want to end. What is my desired finished product? If I’m still not sure? I answer these questions:

  • What pace will my video be? Fast and exciting? Slow and thoughtful?
    • Will there be music to help the pace?
    • How will the feel and pace communicate what I want to the audience?

Knowing the feel and the pace are, I believe, two of the most important things to have locked down before I even import the first clip. Having that solidified puts me in a groove that carries me through the entire editing process.

Now, mind you, depending on the length of a project, the pace and feel does, and should, change. You need dynamics for longer projects, but back when I started, I had to start small. So the following questions had to be answered…

  • How big was my project? How much footage am I dealing with?
    • Depending on the amount of clips, I may need to set up a system to store my clips so I’m not overwhelmed.

So, for a basic introductory to editing, I try to answer these questions:

  1. Do I know my pace?
  2. Do I know what feel I’m going for?
  3. Do I have music that suits my pace and feel?
  4. Do I know how my pace and feel will effect my viewer?
  5. Once I have my footage, do I have a storage system so I’m not overwhelmed?

Once I answer those questions, I’m ready to begin. There are many fine NLE suites out there. Personally, I’ve learned non-linear editing on Adobe’s Premiere, but I’d love to compare and contrast it with Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, and Avid someday.

I hope this has been helpful, and while this was rather light on content, hopefully it will get you thinking about what you’re wanting to accomplish instead of wading in to your hips and feeling lost in the process.


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