.:Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2008 at 10:34 pm (Uncategorized)

Hey all, happy Valentine’s Day!  Enjoy the overabundance of sweet morsels (or not) that are around.

Several things… I’ve been working on Greyscale, and as I’m learning with the whole writing-a-feature-length-script thing… the concept can change drastically when you hit a brick wall in the creative process (or find a more satisfying storyline at the expense of some of the background to the story).

Greyscale 3.0 (third major concept) is something of a strange conceptual mix of  Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Memento, Brick, and The Princess Bride.  It’s becoming much more of the story I want to tell, and it now has a lot more heart to it… which makes me very happy.  Also I’m noticing that I’m pulling from a lot of my favorite movies (OUaTiM isn’t one of them…)

Oh, and tonight I plan to see Jumper, and get back to you all with a review.  It’s been panned pretty badly in most of the reviews I’ve seen so far, but I’m hoping for some mindless teleportation entertainment.

Until later,



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