.:Battlefield: Chapter One

January 30, 2008 at 7:36 am (after effects, hvx200, my projects) (, , )

“The worst of it is that we can’t see either side.
We can’t see what we’re up against.
We see the battles and how they effect us…
but, we’re just stuck in the middle.”


Note: Viewing the video at YouTube gives a much better image for some reason…
click here for the YouTube video directly.

Battlefield: Chapter One is complete. Eventually there will be a much higher resolution Flash version when I get www.DarosFilms.com up and running. But until then, you’ll have to see the YouTube version. I would post this to Stage6, but there isn’t a way to turn off the download feature to my knowledge, and I’m not ready to release this for free yet.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped make this possible and supported the creation of Battlefield. Chapters Two through Five have a lot of good material in them, and I can’t wait to get started editing the footage down to a final product.


P.S. For those interested, this was shot on two Panasonic HVX200 cameras, and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and Adobe After Effects CS3. Also, most of the special effects were crafted with the Trapcode Particular plugin for AE.

P.P.S. It seems that I didn’t make it entirely clear that this isn’t set during any historical war. There’s a little bit of allegory here if you think about it…



  1. John Barnett said,

    It looks amazing Ryan! I can’t wait to see what you do with the other chapters.

  2. Ryan said,

    Thanks John! And happy birthday! Thanks again for helming the main camera for this!

  3. brad said,

    good short i liked it

  4. Moriah Strickland said,

    Awesome, Ryan! You did a wonderful job!

  5. Nathan Ashton said,

    I really like the pacing, camera work, and coloration. The only thing that bugged me early on was that the soldier was too clean – not a lick of mud, sweat, or stain on him or his clothing. As the piece went forward I found myself drawn into the dialog and wondering if the uniform was part of the allegory. We shall see!

    I’ve subscribed to your RSS and look forward to seeing the next chapters.

  6. Marc said,

    That was cool .

  7. T Blake said,

    When watching this I started weeping uncontrollably, I guess it was the Holy Spirit come upon me telling me “Look, that is you, you are the one in a war on a battlefield and you’re out there without any armor, watch and learn. Then go into this earthly spiritual war prepared with Me in you, protected and invulnerable.”

    I have been involved desperately, fruitlessly in a spiritual war against principalities since childhood, anger, bitterness, hatred, rage, devastating depression, suicidal thoughts, thoughts of hurting others physically, thoughts of killing etc. I always thought,(before I was saved) that I HAVE to be possessed because no one around me was like me, as angry 24/7, as hateful ALL the time, as depressed, as downright MEAN, as poisoned inside, as plain evil as my self. Yea, maybe others had depression or were angry or holding onto past hurts but NOT LIKE ME!

    With childhood rape, severe physical abuse as well as blatant neglect as an infant(as recorded in CPS files) I know where it all comes from. I hated everyone because of it-my neighbors, my adoptive parents, my brother, my teachers, strangers, you name it. I was angry at the world, they all deserved my wrath (in my twisted mind).

    It wasn’t until I became saved just 3 months or so ago this year that God has shown me that it was all Satan and his evil demons constantly surrounding me, harrassing me, attacking me, screwing with me, holding me bound, basically on a battlefield without any armor or knowledge about how to protect myself against any attacks. I was DOOMED, really.

    Since becoming saved, I have a peace, joy, calm, ability to WANT to forgive, thoughts of wanting only good for my enemies(NEVER EVER dreamed I’d do that in my past), a VORACIOUS hunger for the Word that I’ve never experienced or thought I would ever have let alone deserve. I was worthless and useless and way better off dead in my opinion “back then”. I have been redeemed, ransomed, swooped up by my precious Lord and Savior, taken lovingly in His arms and made to FINALLY know and realize I AM LOVED and WORTH IT. And so are you if you aren’t yet saved and think you stumbled upon this website or my comments by accident, my dear brother or sister in Christ you are SO WRONG! Nothing happens in this world by accident just like creation isn’t an accident(or evolved).

    The reason us mere mortal humans keep losing this battle against Satan, could be because we don’t start and stay in our day with the full armor of God, aren’t yet believers/saved or in my opinion mostly because we simply can’t fathom a heavenly kind of love He has for us. We can only understand an earthly love that is far inferior to His celestial kind of love, a love so graceful he forsake His ONLY SON! Think about that for a second……

    Could you ever forsake someone who is most dear to you for the entire world’s sake? All because you loved them? Some say, “Well, ok, he loved us but what about Jesus his son, didn’t He love Him if He was His son?” Yes of course, that is why Jesus is seated at the coveted right hand of His father in heaven for eternity. God was able to forsake His own son because the world is His precious creation, how could He NOT sacrifice His own son, first, second that’s what heavenly love is all about. It is impossible to understand. I believe if we as humanity could ever “get it”, ever understand in our minds to comprehend that kind of love many of the evils of the world would literally vanish. Not all -because not all choose to believe.

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