January 23, 2008 at 7:05 pm (introduction) ()

Look at you! You’ve meandered onto The Wandering Factotum.

To answer your first question…

fac·to·tum (fāk-tō’təm) Pronunciation Key
n. An employee or assistant who serves in a wide range of capacities.

I have only ever blogged about personal life and current events, but I thought it might be time to be productive and make a blog that was both a resource for those who enjoy doing what I do (film, photography, reading, writing, drawing, etc…) and a way to keep up with the more creative end of the spectrum of my endeavors.

But since my time is limited (on my lunchbreak), this shall have to suffice for an introductory post.

Until the next time,

P.S. You should check out my wife’s new blog (we both started one on blogspot today). Her site is adventuresbysarah.blogspot.com.I don’t think she’s added anything yet, but hopefully soon.


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